I attend a small Spanish-speaking Apostolic Church in Grants Pass, Oregon. We use the hymn book "Cristo Viene Alabanzas y Victoria". I was so happy when I found your web page online!!! It is really going to help us a lot. Now we can learn many more melodies, so I thank you very much. I have shared your website with others at our church and we are very happy to have found it! Please keep me in your prayers. I really thought that playing the flute was going to be much easier since I played it 3 years in school. I have been having trouble, though, and sometimes want to give up.  (Young Sis. in Oregon)

We listened to your music and could feel the sweet presence of the Lord….such soothing music.

Keep up the good work that you are doing.

My Dad was very excited to see that God's music will be shared with all the brethren and looks forward to sharing the Internet site.

Your music, arrangements and sound are beautiful, and very special for the Lord's honor. I congratulate you. What a blessing it is to know that these hymns have spread throughout the United States, Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean, Spain and Italy. Hallelujah! (Rev. Baldemar Rodriguez)

May God be with you and yours. (Relating to the song "Llamamiento De Samuel)  I Like the aforementioned melody very much and I hope that God will help me learn it. The truth is that I have heard other rendition of this song and your is the only one that I like. God bless you. Congratulations and my wish is that you never lack the divine blessing. Again, thanks and see you later.

Just a note to greet you and tell you how much I appreciate the music ministry you share with so many. (Sun City, AZ)

There are no words to describe the feeling of having discovered this Web page.  It is a great blessing to listen to these hymns and I definitively agree that we have been remiss by not singing these songs that truly have a message for the soul. There are many beautiful contemporary songs, but they will never have the unction and inspiration of the lyrics written by men that were inspired and guided by the Holy Ghost to write songs that resulted in the breaking of the heart. I rejoiced as I listened to many of the hymns that we used to sing in the congregation of the 8th Apostolic Church of the Faith In Christ Jesus in Juarez.  These hymns bring memories of my mother and father singing them in church and at home.  It is impossible not to shed tears while one listens to these songs, for in reality their words are like a two-edged sword that penetrates deep into our being.  Presently, our congregation has chosen to sing these songs, even though sadly our young people do not know them, but many of them have stated that the melody and lyrics of these songs are beautiful. I can tell you with certainty that this page that I discovered today 2/13/2012, is a TREASURE.  Again, I reiterate my gratitude for your effort in motivating us to return to the ancient paths and to have these beautiful hymns be heard once more in our congregations.  One more time, congratulations for this wonderful project and may God bless you and give you wisdom to continue being an inspiration to those that appreciate this invaluable heritage and that those that have not yet had the blessing of singing these hymns may do so readily. (El Paso, TX)

Thank you so much for all the CDs you sent me! You have no idea how much I enjoy them - especially because I can sing right along with them. And of course they remind me of you and the wonderful work you are doing for God's glory!! Lord bless you (13  free CDs given to a homebound sister)

You have done the best job in compiling the songs and lyrics. You have an outstanding website. 

You don't know how much we appreciate these songs. We can sing most of them from memory. Unfortunately, they are no longer sung in our churches. May God bless your wonderful ministry. (10 free CDs given to a homebound brother)

I had been searching for these old songs for a long time. They are a blessing for my family. I would like to download them so that we can play them in our church sound system so that we can sing these songs that we do not currently know....God bless you. Samalayuca, MX

Thanks for having these hymns on your website - they have been a blessing. The young people need to hear these awesome hymns. (North Texas District)

... may the Lord Jesus bless you in all your activities and especially the music, that I thoroughly enjoy listening to in the afternoons. It has been a lot of blessing to me, since I was baptized a few months ago; I did not know the majority of the music/hymns, but with your help I can practice and sing to the Lord at home. (Anaheim, CA)

I rejoice in remembering that when I was a little girl, my grandma took me from Cd. Juarez to El Paso and Las Cruces, N.M. where your parents, Bro. Eutimio Rios and Sis. Rios ministered. I am happy to know that you are their son. I rejoice that you are doing this work. God bless you and your family. (Oceanside, CA)

I really enjoy the Cantos Apostolicos. You can feel the Spirit of the Lord when you listen to this music. We play the music on our church sound system during our prayer meetings.

I really enjoy the Christmas songs, and the gospel music. It is very beautiful.

A friend recommended your website to me. She said she plays the beautiful melodies during her personal prayer time.

I bought your CD's a while back, and they are awesome.  Thanks for having these hymns out there, especially on your website - they have been a blessing. God bless you and your family. Thanks again for this blessing, because the young people need to hear these awesome hymns.

My husband listens to the Cantos Apostolicos CDs in his car all the time. It is amazing that he can sing most of the songs from memory. He especially likes to sing La Roca Eterna, a song that he used to sing with his Mom.

Your website has been a true blessing to me, my family, and friends. I have shared your work through networking with friends and family from my address book. Continue to be a blessing for many as they visit your page and enjoy hearing the "Apostolic songs from yesterday." Your work is truly appreciated…. We will continue to pray for you and your exemplary work on this website. Thank you and God Bless you!.... (El Paso, TX)

It's so great to hear the songs of old. Today’s songs are no match. Thanks for making them available.

It was refreshing to view your site, I encourage you to (add)  the chords so that future musicians can play these wonderful songs. Blessings to You. (San Fernando, CA)

Praise the Lord...I've been looking for old himnarios, (Cantos de Gloria, Himnos de Alabanza, Himnos de Consolación) You’re right on the idea that these songs should be remembered, because these are the Heart and soul of the Apostolic worship...Thank You for doing God’s work and continue in the authority Jesus. (Salinas, CA)

Blessing from the Apostolic Church in Soledad, (CA)

... may the Lord Jesus bless you in all your activities and specially the music that indeed I delight myself listening to in the afternoons; it has been by a lot of blessing since I was baptized a few months ago and I did not know the majority of these hymns, but with your help I can practice and sing to the Lord at home. (Anaheim, CA )

I rejoice that you are doing this work God. May God bless you and your family. (Oceanside, CA )

I am happy to see that your website is always up. It is great blessing for the chosen people, and so much more for a country as distant as mine is. (Chile )

Thanks for putting these songs out so we may enjoy them we grew up listening to these songs in church and even singing them with our parents and grandparents. Thank you - may God Bless you. (Moorpark, CA)

Paz De Cristo.... I really enjoyed your website THANK YOU.. I downloaded some of the hymns to my Blackberry so I can listen to them at work... I also grew up as an Apostolic in Yuma, Arizona.... Continue your good work.......
God Bless. (Baltimore, MD)

God Richly Bless you for commemorating our Heritage songs. They are almost obsolete in our congregation but should not be. I grew up in an Apostolic Home daughter of a Pastor, my Dad is now not able to do much but the Holy Spirit within is what gives him the strength from day to day and songs like these fill his heart with joy. (Andrews, TX)

Thanks for having these hymns….on your website - they have been a blessing. Thanks again for this blessing - because the young people need to hear this awesome hymns.

May God bless you in abundance for blessing all of us “Old School-ers" !!... with this unforgettable heritage.

The hard work you have put into this program makes it all worth it when old timers praise the work you have done.

Wow!  I don't know how long this website has been up, but someone just emailed me this link.  This is a great site!  My dad, Robert Ramirez, would have been quite moved.  I thought of him right away.  May God richly bless you for your efforts.  I get a lump on my throat as I hear all the songs I grew up with.  Thank you for taking interest in passing our heritage.  Not too long ago I was telling someone that it was too bad that our young people won't know the old Apostlic songs and then yesterday I get the link.  I am really touched!

Very few can match the spiritual singing that the “old school” produced and why I cherish these songs more than I do the songs of today. It is sad that we do not have their recordings preserved.

.....I rejoiced to see that your website is not only impacting God's people, but also other people, and I give thanks to our Lord that He has put in you that interest to ensure that these apostolic songs are never forgotten. (Santiago, Chile)
My comment:This Brother is referring to an article written by an artist and art critic from Chile, named Ana María Chiuminatto, who included one of the songs that I recorded in her critique of a famous painting. In her article titled "Cristo en el Lago" by Eugene Delacroix, a famed French artist, she included the song "Junto Al Lago De Genezaret" (By Lake Genezaret) which was composed by Brother Lorenzo Salazar. I am deeply honored. Click on Cristo en el Lago to view her article. It includes the Cantos Apostolicos link,
http://www.cantosapostolicos.org/juntoallago.html, towards the middle of the page.

Thank you very much for this update, especially for the way the people of God are responding to your vision.  Without a doubt, you have undertaken to keep alive a very important part of our legacy, as song has been a very integral part of our apostolic heritage.  And this would not happen without passion.  I am blessed with this report, but especially with the work you are doing.  Keep up the banner and don't get discouraged because some don't appreciate it. I open your site on the old songs and have been greatly blessed…. I just want to thank you so much for this great vision that the Lord placed in your heart.  May the Lord continue to bless you and your family. Bishop (President) Daniel Sanchez

We have really enjoyed the music on the CD’s.  Thank God that someone has taken the time to preserve some of the old hymns that have meant so much to us over the years.  The generation today has no idea what good music is.  The youth have taken over and only sing those songs that have few words and repeat themselves.  I really can’t get much spiritual benefit from them or their songs.  Member of UPC in Tennessee

Great site, great resource for churches and missions that don't have anyone to play. Plus awesome way to revive those songs with meaning and message. These ARE the songs that prick the stony heart and causes souls to weep before the Lord, these songs are inspired by the Holy Ghost. Continue doing this great work brother it is not in vain. Former Pastor in Taos, NM

I am still a young Brother. I am twenty eight years old ... your music in the CDs is beautiful.... thanks Brother Larry because you know how to use the gifts that GOD has endowed you with...putting them to use in God's service to honor and glorify that name that is above all names...I know that, through many of these songs, thousand and thousands of Apostolic brothers and also (brothers) of other denominations in Latin America have felt GOD'S presence...So then Hno. Larry, I congratulate you. I know that working a ministry requires a lot of effort and extreme care and sacrifice, but I know that our just God, will know how to reward you, like it says in 1st Corinthians 15-58.  GOD LOVES YOU, And HE WILL STRENGTHEN YOU ALWAYS And HE WILL ALWAYS BE WITH YOU, BROTHER LARRY. GOD BLESS YOU (Guatemala) My comment: I gave him (free) 2 sets of 7 CDs; one for him and one for his Pastor.

May God richly bless you for commemorating our heritage songs. They are almost obsolete in our congregation, although they should not be.

Wow!  I don't know how long this website has been up, but someone just emailed me this link. This is a great site! May God richly bless you for your efforts.

I was ….  trying to remember the last line in the chorus from the song "Oh Manantial" since it is one of my favorites. On the "off" chance that I might find the lyrics so I could sleep tonight, I did a google search. I almost jumped out of my seat when I found you guys!!! What a great idea! Thank you so much!  (Madrid, Spain)

Bro. request permission to reproduce your material (7 CDs) and to promote them in our District (Monclova in MX)  churches. We have around 50 congregations in that district. .... (My comment: I, of course, granted permission. It saved me from having to make 350 CDs)

May the Lord bless you for your efforts in preserving this precious music of our Apostolic heritage. It has been a tremendous blessing to my life, and will be for our children. Now we have a reference for generations to come!!

Thank you for your effort and for remembering the Apostolic people. I am studying for this Sunday's sermon, and I would just like you to know that the music of old has been a blessing. Great job! ADELANTE! (Pastor, CA)

Brother, I do not know your age but I believe that when you were a little boy and heard about Christ's desire for his Church to go to the ends of the world, you probably thought that was unachievable, but from what you write me, you are well on the way. Brother Larry, I want to thank you for that great will and good desire that you have always had, and I hope in my heart that your website continues on and that our Lord continues giving you that talent to play these beautiful melodies. (Pastor, Mex) 

May God reward you, Bro., and I congratulate you for your work...the website is beautiful.

Thank you my Bro. I am still very grateful for your excellent gift (of free CDs), hoping that the Lord continues prospering you. (Ecuador)

"Here is wishing that ALMIGHTY GOD pours abundant blessings on you and on this excellent ministry.  Brothers I congratulate you for having this ministry because the songs of our beloved Apostolic church written a long time ago by men of GOD that stood out, such as, Bro. Lorenzo Salazar, Bros Nava, Marcial de la Cruz and many others...they are hymns that will always be sung and remembered because they are uplifting and even make one cry when singing them." (from Guatemala, C.A.)

"It has been a tremendous blessing, for me and my family, to listen to and read the lyrics of the hymns that you play. During the past few days I have been listening to the songs (on your website) trying to learn them. In Chile there are many Jesus name churches, but as far as the music, it is difficult to find Jesus name singers or musical groups. The majority of the bookstores, and bible centers are trinity oriented and as it may also be the case in the U.S., there is nothing in their shelves that refers to our Lord Jesus Christ's sound Doctrine.... my desire is that you have a lot of blessings for the great work that you are doing and I know that it is a great blessing for God's chosen people." (from Santiago, Chile)

"I received the 3 CDs that you sent me and the first thing that I did when I got home was to listen to such beautiful melodies. On the following day I took them to my  church's musician Brothers. They loved them. I am very grateful to you for the additional CDs that you said that you are going to send to me, and to our Pastor.  You do not realize what a blessing they will be to our church. I am hoping that the Lord is blessing you and will continue to bless you every day. Be aware that the work that you are doing will not be forgotten; the reward is accumulating in a precious place that (I am sure) you  know where it is." (from Guayaquil, Ecuador)

I received your apostolic material and it has already been a blessing in my life, and that of the local congregation. Shortly we will send you a photo of the congregation thanking you for your donation to us. My wish is that the Lord Jesus Christ continue to prosper your work, "So that they are never forgotten".  God Bless You. (Pastor in Coahuila, Mex) (This Pastor subsequently requested, and we granted, permission for him to make 350 copies of the CDs to make available to 50 churches in his district. He is also producing a video and will use the song "Sublime Gracia" (song #120) as background music.)

I would first like to say thanks for a wonderful site like cantosapostolicos.org that keeps songs in a place where people can turn for reference!  This is a beautiful service and I pray that God blesses whoever did the work to launch this site. I am an Apostolic, born and raised, from La Primera Iglesia Apostolica de San Jose, CA..

"Paz de Cristo! Thank you for answering me. I congratulate you for the apostolic songs website. I want to tell you that ever since I was baptized at age 15, I have been interested in knowing about the apostolic himnology, and today at 33 years old I have not lost the fervor for our precious hymns. I have acquired some old (song) records from Bro. Lorenzo Salazar, Isidro Sepulveda, The El Monte choir, and La voz Apostolica, the Sinaloa choir and other ones. But I would like to have many more. I would also like for you to sing the hymns found on the cantos apostolicos website. God bless you!"

"It is a great and tremendous blessing to thousands of people to listen to your work in putting these songs not just for the apostolics but many Christians around the world."

“Thank you so very much for the great work that you folks are doing. I will cherish….and share this work with as many as possible….Keep up this great vision.” (Bishop Daniel Sanchez, Pres. Apostolic Assembly)

“Bro. Larry; It gave me immense joy to read your mail because you and I are on the same wave length.  Why?... Because we coincide in something that I am promoting in the Church's congregations where I visit, since we are being invaded by a current of modernism that dilutes the musical identity that are our apostolic roots.” (Bishop Felix Gaxiola Inzunsa, Pres. Iglesia Apostólica in Mexico)

"These songs have a great message and the best preaching that satisfies my soul.  A great way to learn how to speak Spanish!"  

"Your website is like a breath of fresh air. I thought I would never hear these beautiful songs again this side of Heaven!"

"...thank you for making a CD that goes back to those good old songs I heard when I was a child. Thanks, and may God bless your ministry."

“Excellent website” (Pastor, CA)

…”only eternity will reward and reveal all that you folks have done to
enhance His work.” (Pastor, TX)

"I came to a friends house to listen to the songs and sing.  I only wished we had a computer."

"Thank you for providing us with CDs and a CD player.  God bless you."

"Esther and Larry thank you for sharing this beautiful website.  Continue to provide these classics."

…"with respect to the songs sung in church today… “Most of us just do a lot of complaining but you are actually doing something about it!!! Thank you for spearheading the preservation of this beautiful, valuable and timeless music of the Apostolic Church.” (CA couple)

“The songs are a real blessing to my wife and me. We cry and sing along."

“I cried when I heard the songs.”

“I can feel the anointing when I listen to this CD.”

“My Mom and Dad just cry when they listen to the songs. They used to force me to turn on the computer every morning so they could listen to the songs. Thanks for the CDs, now I don’t have to turn on the computer”.

“The CD has been a tremendous blessing to me.”

“We were playing the CD in our car and I felt so blessed I started speaking in tongues.”

“The CD music is so soothing.”

…”I really admire you and Larry for preserving these old himnos.... they are absolutely priceless. Nothing, but nothing touches my soul as much as these hymns do....”

“I heard the melodies to ‘Siempre Orad’ and ‘La Oracion’ and the words just came to me and I was able to sing along…” (Comment by a person that used to go to church over 45 years ago as a kid, never got converted, but He prayed and asked Jesus to come into his heart.)

“Even though I do not hear any words, the melody is so beautiful and spirit-filled.” (Comment by a non-converted Anglo person that knows none of the songs)

“Thank You and God Bless You. You and Larry are doing a good job with this project.”

“I’m playing the CD in the church’s sound system before and after the service. The congregation loves and sings along with the old songs.” (Call from a Pastor)

“I’m playing the CD during my prayer time.”

"If someone isn’t touched by this CD - then they are really dead."

"Thank you!  Thank you, HOP NM!"

"Thank you for sharing this music, indeed, it touches my soul."

"My boss allows music at work, and everyone is enjoying this music."

"Very nice job on the website. Looking forward to hearing some more old time religion songs."

"Thank you for your interest in sharing this beautiful music. It has been a blessing to us to hear some of this music, brings back some old memories from the past. Keep up the good work."

"Thank you for the beautiful and wonderful  CD's........absolutely priceless....I don't get tired of hearing them."

"A fin de que nunca sean olvidados" is right-on!

"I found your web page and was happy to see & hear the music."

"I was elated to hear the old Cantos Apostolicos!"

"I agree....wholeheartedly that the Holy Ghost inspired songs of old are never to be forgotten. It is true that much of today's music is "feel good" music that is sugar coated and has no real lasting effect. They are here for a day and gone tomorrow, and so are their authors." (A Pastor)

"...you have been a blessing - I just cannot get enough of your songs/CDs."

"I just love all the songs. Your newest 'Tiempos Peligrosos' and 'Pero Queda Cristo' are just awesome - I just cried!"

"We are rejoicing in a spectacular way while listening to these songs....Here we are with a blessing to our hearts and our ears... we now are the ones that shed tears, but of joy." (An ex-Bishop)

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